The SFORZANDO Foundation

The SFORZANDO Foundation supports music programs and individuals throughout the State of Texas by providing those in need with funding for education in music, instruments and advocating the benefit of music education.

Our Right Eminent Grand Commander Ronald D. Gerac, being a educator and an advocate for music education, set into motion his desire to assist Music Programs and indi­viduals throughout the state of Texas. The SFORZANDO Foundation will provide educational opportunities and promote musical culture, with a particular emphasis on youth programs. This Foundation will also assist young musician in developing an appreciation for music, help to fine tune their skills and understanding of music and its theories, our goal is for them to become more proficient in the musical arts. This Foundation solicits the help of Professional artists, Music educators, and general lovers of the art as mentors. With the hopes of creating more wholesome lives for our young musician, and providing them with the necessary tools, that they may otherwise not be privileged to obtain on their own. We understand and advocate the benefits of a good music education.

The SFORZANDO Foundation is a Charity sponsored by the Lone Star Grand Commandery of Texas P.H.A. The foundations Board of trustees are made up of seven elected and appointed officers of the Lone Star Grand Commandery.

The SFORZANDO Foundation invites eligible musicians to submit an application for grants, scholarships, and pro­gram funding as they relate to the musical arts. These applications are to be submitted during our award period which normally runs from the last day in March until the last day of August of each year, These applica­tions are then processed by a competent advisory committee that submits their recommendations to the Board of trustees. The awards are administered dur­ing our Annual Mid-Templar Grand Conclave. These awards are designed to impact the musical culture, to assist musical programs, and students of the musical arts, throughout the State of Texas. We as Knights Templar Masons, have a duty to champion the cause wherever the need may exist. We have devoted our­selves to the ideal that music provides a certain avenue to improve lives one note at a time.

The SFORZANDO Foundation is our way of support­ing the art that effects us all.

Funds for the SFORZANDO Foundation are obtained in part from the Contributions of each Knights Tem­plar and Mason, and other Masonic organizations and its members. We also receive funding from our special awards programs that includes the following:

  • Sponsor Available to Sir Knights who donate $30 become Sponsors.
  • Patron Sponsor Available to any person or or­ganization with a donation of $100 these sponsors will have their names recorded as such, in our annual Souvenir Journal
  • The Right Eminent Grand Commanders Club $1000 enrolls you in this group of Humanitarian Individuals devoted to the cause. The Right Eminent Grand Commanders Club is available To all individuals, but not organizations. Your Membership entitles you to a Lapel pin and Engraved Wall Plaque and have your name recorded as such in our annual Souvenir Journal

Funds are also provided through various fundraisers held by the Lone star Grand Commandery, We accept any monetary donations no matter how large or small.

1.Make your check or money order payable to:
The SFORZANDO Foundation

2. Mail to: SFORZANDO Foundation
5902 Drystone Lane
Killeen, Texas 76542
OR Contact us on the Web at: