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Julius Wright Eminent Grand Lecturer
Julius Wright
Eminent Grand Lecturer
Greetings Sir Knights!!!
I would like to give a great big In Hoc to those Scholar Knights who have finished the requirements for the current Division in the Order of the Temple Xollege!  All Certificates of Completion will be presented at Mid-Templar Session 2015.Currently we have the following who have finished the challenge in the current Session ahead as a Christian Warrior Scholar:

Division I (Associate Scholar Knight)
SK Octavior Washington St. Cecil #5
PEC Marcus Thomas St. Cecil #5
SK Cyrus Thompson St. Cecil #5
SK Anthony J Bennett St. Cecil #5
SK Douglas Walton St. Cecil # 5
PEC Timothy Reeves St. Cecil #5
SK Cedric Griffin Henry Johnson #1
SK Jerome Calbert St. Cecil #5
SK Billy Glover Jr. Henry Johnson #1
SK Leonard Kennedy St. Cecil #5

Division II (Fellow Scholar Knight)
PEC David Hill W.R. Conley #35
SK Darnell Morris

Division III (Master Scholar Knight)
EC Brock Gardner St. Cecil #5
PEC DeVincent Martin D.C. Collins #40
HPGC Albert Eugene Van Slyke

A big congratulations to EC Brock Gardner, PEC DeVincent Martin, and HPGC Albert Van Slyke for completing Level I of the MSKOTS.

The next Session of the Order of the Temple Xollege will start on July 13 and end on September 13, 2015. The donation of $40 plus the application is due by June 29, 2015. The donation and application can be mailed to:

Order of the Temple College
c/o Julius Wright
P.O. Box 1236
Bedford, Texas 76095.

The Application can also be scanned and emailed to and the required donation of $40 to Paypal plus $10 processing fee for a total of $50. The required payee for Paypal is Please remember is you use the Paypal method to send a total of $50. No partial payments will cause you to be enrolled. There will be no refunds on donations. The application is attached. If you have any other questions or concerns please send them to .

PEC Julius Wright
Order of the Temple Xollege (OTX)