From The Prelates’ Corner

Rev. D. Michael Jones Grand Prelate

Rev. D. Michael Jones
Grand Prelate

At the Outset:

Well,  my dear brother, you are a Freemason at last. You have been presented with the lambskin apron; you have penetrated the mystic chamber of King Solomon’s Temple; you have found the meaning of the sprig of Acacia.  When you signed the by-laws of the lodge you sealed your allegiance with the greatest fraternity the world has ever known. The particular reason which caused you to seek admission into this ancient and honorable society is known only to yourself.  It may have been curiosity. If so you are doubtless satisfied.  It may have been social aspirations.  If so the opportunity is offered you to associate with some very excellent men whose friendships are well worth cultivating, and who will be of material assistance to you in your own personal development.  It may have been for business reasons.  If so you will be disappointed for masonry promises no pecuniary return.  It may be that you wanted to join some secret society.  If so, you have selected the oldest and best.  It may have been that your father was a mason and expressed the wish that you should follow his example.  If so, a high compliment has been paid to the society of which you are now a part. If you knew something of the character of masonry, and sought to unite with it that you might participate in its good work, and be some service to your fellow man, then your ambition has been a laudable one and a great opportunity is offered you to make yourself useful.  The fact remains true, you are now a member of the fraternity, with certain duties and prerogatives.  The vital question is, will masonry be worth anything to you, and will you be worth anything to the fraternity.  The answer is — your-self.